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d should emerge from negotiations with Israel. The admission committee started to meet on the Palestinian bid just days after the formal presentation of the application to the UN.


en are expected to be fragile. When a woman takes over a high position, she is regarded as being out of her normal role. I think that from now on, this will be seen as a natural, .


and of the world at large. That trust is vital to the restoration of shareholder value which has been so adversely affected by recent events," said Dudley. Special Report: Gulf of .


talled the socialist government. As another sign of Cuba's changing political and economic landscape, 2.8 percent of the 27,379 candidates who are running for members of local ass.


hange rate against the dollar, during which the yuan has appreciated remarkably. Some experts believe that the value of the yuan is close to the market-determined level. The artic.

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ocations through the deployment of the police department's critical response vehicles. Police in Chicago began making checks on buildings and sites considered possible high-priorit.

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any income over their first million, and people who make 2 million dollars per year to pay 2 percent more (a total of 5 percent). The act would raise an estimated 6 billion dollar.

a Initiative. "We will design a rigorous accountability framework to measure our progress, track results and ensure that Canadians' aid dollars are used effectively to contribute t.

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