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y, Nunavut, a major sovereignty exercise conducted in Canada's High Arctic region. Harper told a gathering of Canadian soldiers, police and rangers that as the strategic importance

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eement with the FARC. "But the peace agreement has to start on a goodwill," he said, adding that one cannot think of a peace agreement "as long as the criminal activities do not st

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27, 2010, the international community has begun to work in the direction of normalizing relations. So far, Honduras has reopened its embassies in countries like Spain, the Domini

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ests of the state. Fernandez thanked opposition parties for their support to her government's proposal to expropriate a majority stake in YPF on the grounds that the country's larg

10 Health Benefits: What Secrets Do Watermelons Keep?

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last until Thursday, organizers said. Emergency and public health workers from Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Diego counties will also participate. The nuclear plant conduct

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hilean military government. Pinera said the government of Chile was in the process of opening an official investigation into the developments surrounding the 1973 coup by Pinochet

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und dead in Haiti, arrived on Thursday morning in Brazil's capital city Brasilia. The Major's body joins the bodies of 17 other soldiers that arrived in Brasilia on Wednesday. All

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ted the revolutionary process. Here we are with our heads held high and our dignity intact." Castro started his speech with a humorous allusion to the fact that Cuba was for years

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ailable for the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G as well as for the latest model. Apple's Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs delivers the keynote address during the Apple Worldwide Develop

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y remains fragile and risky, and conflicts, political turmoils and humanitarian disasters still haunt the world. "Now is not the time for political instability. Now is not the time

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roposals were made in Lima at the commission's 35th session, according to its official website. It proposed in a report "the gradual creation of shared industrial-policy in produc

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