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Olso and Havana, we will try to reach an agreement to end the conflict. But meanwhile in Colombia, we will continue to fulfill our duty," Santos said. On Saturday, the Colombian p

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Xinhua) -- The Chilean government on Tuesday endorsed UN chief Ban Ki-moon for a second term at the helm of the world organization. Chile's Foreign Ministry said in a statement tha

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was no report of casualties or damage. The quake, which occurred at around 23:32 local time (0330 GMT Monday), was centered at 35 km west of the capital of Santiago with a depth

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nitially put together by Correa and Chavez in June 2011 who signed 12 agreements at their 9th Quarterly Presidential Meeting on trade, agribusiness, energy, tourism, science and o

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r people who might be in the country illegally. They can see which inmates self-report a country of origin other than the United States. They can meet with inmates to ask follow-

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llion in January, down 1.6 percent from December and up 2.2 percent from the same period last year. The unemployed population totaled 1.4 million, up 13.7 percent from December an

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the United States tries to build better relationships with Asian countries such as China, "reminding people of that cooperation, we can build a bridge for a better future." Callow